Producer, Recording Engineer, Singer, Songwriter

As a musician, I can bring your vision to life. As a recording engineer, I will capture that very feeling.

Jared Zalewski, better known by his stage name iLLiZeM is a rapper, producer, singer songwriter and recording engineer, from Dallas, Tx. Originally from Tucson, Arizona, his style is a combination of both West coast and southern orientation. His versatility and experience in all facets of his craft allows him to make a multitude of different genres flow together naturally, which makes his sound unique. iLLiZeM released his Debut Album "2 Bics, 2 Papers," in 2017 and gained a lot of notoriety in the Dallas music scene landing shows with Tech N9ne, Devin the Dude, ICP, Lupe Fiasco, and many more. He followed up his album release with self-produced singles, and his latest self-produced EP "This and That." Not only is iLLiZeM always working on his own personal music, but he also works with other artists and creatives, offering custom production, songwriting and vocal production. iLLiZeM is always working on perfecting his craft and creating a unique and satisfying experience for genuine music listeners.